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About NConline

NConline is the only WEB site containing the Catalog of Cuban Standards and also the only one that allows donwloading those standards.  It is managed by Cubaindustria, a Group of the Consultoría Informacional DISAIC, and the work is coordinated with the Instituto de Investigaciones en Normalización (ININ) [Institute of Standardization Researches], therefore the information in the site is permanently updated.

The Catalog Data Base can be freely consulted.  It allows searching standards by different criterions (see Help).

Standards´s downloading is a service for subscribers.  Some options will allow you to find the mode that better fits your needs (see Tariffs).  Once the payment is accomplished, NConline sends a login and the password to the subscriber that  will allow him to download contracted standards in PDF format.  Downloaded standards can be saved or printed.  The user´s obligations are described in Conditions.

So NConline is the more efficient way to be actualized about Cuban Standards.   The user can get on its own PC the most reliable information about the last approved, derogated or substituted standards, as well as the full text of all required standards.

Your sugestions and comments will be appreciated, and will be attended if you send them to