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Usage Conditions

1. Standards´ downloading from NConline is a paid service for subscribers.  The subscriber is the entity who made the payment (subscribed entity), and will be represented by an officially designed officer.

2. NConline assigns login and password to the subscribed entity, so the entity will be able to download contracted standards from NConline.  The subscribed entity may request a new login and password selected by itself.  In case the selected login is already in use the subscribed entity will be asked to select a new one, in order to avoid duplicities.

3. Login and password are for exclusive use of the subscribed entity, who must keep both so only authorized persons know them.  Any non-authorized person who would use the login and  the password of a susbcribed entity will be legally demanded.

4. If the subscribed entity has any suspicions regarding the security of its login, password, or both, the entity must inform about this situation to .  NConline will change both inmediately and will inform them by email, with no charge for the subscribed entity.   Subscribed entity is responsable of any illegal use of the login and the password before receiving mail from NConline notifying the change.

5. In case NConline detects that the login and the password are in possession of non authorized person, and the subscribed entity has not inform NConline about this, the service will be suspended without indemnity, and NConline will establish reclamations against the subscribed entity and against the non authorized person.

6. Each subscribed entity may use downloaded standards for itself, but is not be allowed to send or give them by any way or in any type of support to other natural or legal persons, national or foreign.  If this happened the subscribed entity will be accused of infringement of the Author´s Law, appertaining to the Instituto de Investigaciones en Normalización (CUBA),  [Institute of Standardization Researches] and the service will be suspended without indemnity.

7. Any kind of problems that can occur due to technical interruptions or by any other causes must be informed to .  NConline will investigate the causes and will find the solution as soon as possible, informing the subscribed entity afterwards.